As the fall gets closer and closer, I’m feeling the pressure to soak up as much sun and summer weather before it’s gone. There is a necessity to be outside when the weather gets to be 65 and the sky is sunny with slight cloud coverage because as soon as the chill starts to set in there is a growing sense to come inside- to begin nesting.

However, when I realize that I’m going to be spending more time in doors I notice that the living room is a little bit dusty from lack of use and there aren’t any of the necessary provisions (ie: blankets, firewood, an extra lamp) that are needed for staying in doors for long periods of time. To switch gears into autumn means that I need to not only prepare my home for the climate changes but also the emotional changes. Because I’m going to be indoors longer, the attention to décor becomes much greater as every picture frame and candy dish is no longer something to glance at as I leave the house, but something that greets me day after day.

My home has the power to make me happy to be inside or depressed. The extra effort to make my house look attractive is just my way of settling down for the winter. Thus the end of summer never seems so depressing, because I know I will be gathering my “harvest” of home treatments to brighten up my house and make the time at home during the cold enjoyable.