Color Forcast

Just took Ben Moore’s Color Pulse 2011 webinar. It was great…nothing shocking, but always representative of the times we live in, the current art, fashion and politics.  The four main categories stated were:

Farm…hay, dirt, greens, sky purples, burlap (popular this year in bags, dresses and maybe even wall finish??)

Tribal…everything from the earth tones (Navaho white Carmel, sienna, burnt sienna, etc.)to the bright colors of tribal wear (purple seems big, bright greens, blues, yellow, etc.)……really fun…

Order….warm greys, structure, black and white (always happy to see that!), but safer, for example stripes

Escape…Lighting is making the escape with fanciful unstructured wire fixtures in neutrals…white is wonderful and dreamy, fabrics to watch are the white on white layered textures, voile, princess pink, etc….

It does seem there is a wide arrange of colors in play and will continue to be, but they mentioned no neon colors in our near future.

Happy fall and all the many colors it brings!


~ by joanneriley on October 8, 2009.

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