Looking from a Different Perspective 2013

One of my favorite things to do, like a lot of others, is to view the store windows in the holiday season.  I view New York’s and then I go to Paris and view theirs.   This gives me a good perspective on style, what happened the previous year and where we might be headed.   This year the window I thought was most telling was at Bergdorf Goodman’s, as pictured here.  It is looking at the world in a new perspective. This window showed looking down on a room, as if it were a floorplan or bird’s eye view.  This coordinates with the idea of a new “awakening”, which is easy to go with because the alternative, the world ending, did not happen. We are to look at the world with new eyes and reassess in a new way.

Christmas Window 2012 New Future

The black and white scheme is popular this year in interiors and one of my biggest attractions…although easier to look at then live  with unless done perfectly for the situation. When I was thirteen or fourteen my parents built a house in the beautiful Berkshires. We moved up there from Long island New York (Nassau County) at that age I was not particularly thrilled about it, nor did I notice the beauty:-)  After many years of sharing a bedroom, we each were allowed to design our own space.  For mine I chose black and white. A patterned psychedelic wallpaper was on one wall with a desk that hung from chains on another. We made the desk from Spanish faux leather (looked exactly like incised leather, amazing in recollection) and the white walls and white shag rug pulled everything together. I loved that room! Perhaps it was the beginning of my career.

The change is perspective is so happening, albeit slowly. This is evidenced by many positive stories I saw on TV New Year’s Day. There were two shows that were totally given from the positive side. One talked about the benefits of being in business at this time  Leaders like Toni Robbins (motivational speaker), Sara Blakely (started Spanx) and Warren Buffet (no explanation needed) were on the same panel speaking about starting from the bottom and why the direction of the economy did not have to affect the overall success you may attain. Another show was about the integration of alternative medicines, with MD’s and alternative practtioners on the same side of the table. Next year I hope to have a segment on how transformational healthy “living” environments can be and how they contribute to your mind, spirit,  body and mainly the quality of your life. They quietly support your every day life.

I just know 2013 will be a lucky year for the world!


~ by joanneriley on January 29, 2013.

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