“In a world filled with snow, be the red house.” elle decor

Happy Holidays from The Interior Edge

WOW! 2016 was a blur…I must say my personal and professional year was as event filled as our nations. It was filled with heart warming events such as: 

Working with my very FIRST client’s son, his wife and beautiful baby daughter!
What an honor to be continuing my practice with the next generation, it fills my heart!
On the other end of life, I had the high honor of seeing out a client that I had the pleasure of working with on three houses, over a 20 year span. She was pretty astonishing. As an interior designer you have to momentarily rise above the actual needs, wants and desires of client s and open your heart to see how people really live. What was immensely obvious as we did this home was that she was going to live there consciously and also die there. I was humbled to design, with her, the final room she would breathe in and ascend from. It would have been a scary and overwhelming task had it not been with this client. She had a faith that was unshakable! When you are guided by that, it is easy to bring the rest of us along so we can shine. Words really do not express my gratitude for this important project.
Come to think of it, a common thread in my clients is that they have a real desire to thrive and live a full spectrum life and have their environments truly support them in that! Thank you all for the privilege of having me go on the ride with you and I hope 2017 brings you everything you desire and more!!!

Love and Light,

Musee Jacque-mart Andre Paris

Most of you know I love to travel and every year you will find me in Paris as well as anyplace else I can put on my agenda. My oldest sister lives in Paris so I have been going there for over 30 years and was very surprised when we arrived at this magnificent museum that I had not gotten there sooner. It was worth the wait!

The Musee is located at 158 Boulevard Haussmann 8th Arrondissement of Paris The museum was created from the private home of Édouard André (1833-1894) and Nélie Jacquemart (1841-1912) to display the art they collected during their lives.

Édouard André, the scion of a Protestant banking family, devoted his considerable fortune to buying works of art. He then exhibited them in his new mansion built in 1869 by the architect Henri Parent, and completed in 1875.

He married a well-known society painter, Nélie Jacquemart, who had painted his portrait 10 years earlier. Every year, the couple would travel in Italy, amassing one of the finest collections of Italian art in France. When Edouard André died, Nélie Jacquemart completed the decoration of the Italian Museum and travelled in the Orient to add more precious works to the collection. Faithful to the plan agreed with her husband, she bequeathed the mansion and its collections to the Institut de France as a museum, and it opened to the public in 1913.

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the many contractors, artists, designers, graphic artists, architects, trades of all kinds that make me look good and a special thanks to Samantha Ritch-Porio who continues to be a force to be reckoned with on all fronts! She is getting her MBA, has 2 children and a husband and works for us with precision and love!!!

Left: Samantha Ritcher-Porio  Top Row: Susan Robinson, Bill Riley, Jennifer Heustice  Bottom: Thomas Buffo, Mary Beebee, Ramona Eldridge
Joanne Riley, A.S.I.D.