As many of you know, I often keep my distance from the negativity of the news. This doesn’t mean I’m cut off from news-breaking events because the people around me are always happy to share the major and many of the minor events we hear about via the media.

The spread of the Covid-19 virus has led to many questions and changes. 

Last night at yoga class, I realized that half of the usual participants were absent. The teacher announced we would not use props. Ā« Yikes Ā» cried my stiffness! I was mortified by this news and my body was in pain. However, the teacher then went on to say that we could use them if we wanted. I quickly took supports to help me. This moment between no props and props ‘at my own risk’ reminded me of the delicate balance between not going around oblivious (which could lead us into dangerous situations !) and consciously making our own decisions in the present moment.

None of us have lived through a “plague ” before. So it’s difficult to know exactly how to act. As usual, we should check with our hearts, minds and souls, as well as with the people we trust. Then we must make our own choices, doing what resonates best for each of us, in the most conscious of ways.

So, these last few days and weeks have been a time of questioning, a time of slowing down, moving about less, coming into contact with fewer people. As this has been happening, it has occurred to me that this is a propitious moment to contemplate the value of HOME. 

So, how exactly do we characterize the feeling of ‘HOME’? I believe it is a place where we can put down our fears, sleep, breathe and relax. It is a vital soul space, allowing us to feel less stressful, to find the beauty in life.

I am delighted to become more conscious of the fact that my home is a safe, comforting and loving place. I hope that my clients also feel safety, comfort and love in the homes we have created together.

HOME is a work in progress.  It is both a physical and a human environment. Bringing intention to those spaces helps our lives to vibrate there in the most vital of ways. 

One of the ways I work on this is through the use of essential oils. When cleaning, use oils so small hands and paws stay safe, even if you use other products as well. Decreasing the use of harsh chemicals and increasing the use of natural ones is a great way of increasing energy in your home. 

Essential oils are powerful and can be used in different ways and different situations (for example, some are great for cats and dogs, others are bad for them). Find out more about them by clicking this link to my source :


Spending time in the kitchen is another way to make your house more ‘alive’. Baking is a happy soul place for me. Cookies, cakes, muffins, anything I can bake! If you’re looking for gluten-free sources for ingredients or like the convenience of mixes, try this website :


In Addition, there is a daily email sign up for getting natural ways to kill virus and support your immune system every day using easily available ingredients. Here’s the sign up:


So, in this moment of change, don’t panic. Inform yourself, bring that information to your heart space (a great thing to do in that place we call ‘HOME’!) and consciously make the decisions that are right for you! 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or inspirations concerning your house and home. I’d be delighted to be part of the transformation!

Love and light,


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