An Environmentally Friendly Fabric

The Interior Edge is committed to desiging natural environments for healthy,
happy living. Linen is an exciting part of that picture and can easily find its way into
many of our interiors, whether it be used as draperies, upholstery or other.
A natural fabric, linen is versatile and durable, adding comfort and
thermal insulation to any room. You’ll feel a touch of luxury wherever it is found. It’s
also breathable, absorbent and hypo allergenic.
Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen’s the most natural fiber in the
world to grow. Easily pleased, it requires little water or chemicals to grow. Every
part of the plant can be used and the plant itself is both fully recyclable and fully
Not to mention its simple majesty as it grows in the fields. Each flower
blooms for only one day. So each moment must be savored.

Here at the Interior Edge, we are quite excited about a wonderful line of linen
called Two Sisters Ecotextiles. They have been offering high-quality,
environmentally sustainable fabrics for almost two decades.
Check out their website for inspiration for your next home project :
We’d be happy to help you integrate linen and other natural materials into
your living spaces. Give us a call !

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