Art is a primordial element in our lives and yet we don’t often think about it enough when creating our living spaces. You may ask yourself : « Why art in my home? » First of all, it brings wonderful focal points to any room. Changing the atmosphere of the space, artwork can help provide transitions from one living area to another. Observe a piece of art in its surroundings. Note the interplay with the spaces, the light, the volumes, etc. With the right work of art in the right place, you’ll quickly see and feel how the energy flows in the most wonderful of ways—not too fast, not too slow, just right. You’ll also feel a sense of coherence in a home where art has been consciously incorporated.

Art comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, whether it be sculpture, drawings, paintings, etc. It brings color, form, movement and warmth in unique ways, adding beauty and depth to its surroundings.

Art engages you in meaningful ways : it can bring energy, excitement or calmness, light or nuances of shade to the places it is harbored. It speaks to your soul. It can make you feel safe, warm inside, inspired, excited, motivated, moved.

At the Interior Edge Design Firm, art is an integral part of all our home and commercial designs. Browse through our portfolio pages and observe all the places works of art have been incorporated :

So, you don’t have any art?
Now’s the time to start!

       Are you just starting out or do you have multiple homes where you don’t spend much time? Maybe you don’t already have a lot of art. You can buy ready-made art, available in the general market—it’s inexpensive, has a lot of look and can bring you much solace even if it hasn’t spoken to you in the same way as a piece you fall in love with at the art gallery or when traveling.

       So, how do we integrate works of art into our design plans here at the Interior Edge? To begin with, we use at-hand pieces placed in certain spots to give our clients an idea of size, dimension, scale, visual interest (is it something you want to see up close or far away?). These pieces aren’t meant to be forever pieces, though sometimes we’ve fallen in love with some of them. In the right spot, they can provide just the right look. As you go along, maybe some of this initial art can stay. However, a time may come when you might want to choose your own art. You go to art galleries. You travel. Things move you and you may feel like you’ve just got to have them. Once this happens, you’re on your way to your own personal collection.

Silver Leaf in the Big Apple

       Look up to discover this work of art from the Interior Edge. Renowned artists, Bill and Gil Riley (, created this ceiling for us in a spectacular Manhattan apartment.

       Designed by The Interior Edge, this home has expansive views over Central Park and a balcony inviting you to take a step or two closer to that magical piece of nature right in the heart of New York City.

       We chose to incorporate a silver leaf ceiling into one of the bedrooms to draw its inhabitants back into the intimacy of the interior space. NYC is out there, but I’m in here, all cozy in my inner place. It’s a shiny inner place, highlighted by molded ceilings and a chandelier and warmed by the fabric headboard… Cool silver warmed by beiges making for a bronze-like feeling…feels like ‘home’.

      Want to find out more about Leafing?

 The process of leafing, applying a precious metal to an object, is called gilding. An ancient art, gold-leaf gilding dates back to Egypt sometime around 3000 BC (gold being the color of the gods and pharaohs). Artifacts have been found in ancient China as well.

Right here in the U.S., there’s The Museum of the Gilding Arts, entirely dedicated to the art of gilding. Check out their website. May be worth a visit…

       Not traveling? Check out The, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the art and craft of gilding. The Society offers numerous online classes and conferences, as well as a journal.


       Joanne Riley, our lead designer, is currently designing a home in which a leaf ceiling plays a stellar role—this time it’s champagne leaf. You can almost taste the bubbles! We’ll soon be filling you in on the details…Stay tuned…