We all want wellness in our lives. One of the keys to achieving this is living creatively. Sounds easy….and yet, I have often wondered what it really means ‘to live creatively’….

the ability to create… viewing things from a different perspective…living our lives to the fullest…Why can this sometimes feel so elusive ?… What keeps us from being creative all the time?

And how can our interiors help us rise to this challenge?

First of all, we can work on transforming our house into our Home…

How can your house, your home, your space, your place, support creative living?

We often use the words ‘house’ and ‘Home’ almost interchangeably. And yet, a house is not born a ‘Home’. It becomes one. It’s brought to life by human beings. They feel ‘at home’ in this place they call Home and, little by little, the interactions between the spaces and people’s actions, feelings, and souls create an energetic atmosphere, a kind of mosaic. When that mosaic is harmonious and flowing, a sense of Home is felt by all, inhabitants and visitors alike, in the most profound of ways

A house which is truly a Home is aligned with the souls of the people who’ve been entrusted with it. All within its space feel safe, at peace. It is aligned with our inner cores. It is a place which is not only born of our creativity but continues to sustain creativity in all its forms.

How do you go about creating that precious space called ‘Home’ ?

First, observe your space, your feelings in that space. Observe its colors, its furniture, its artwork, its lighting, its flow. Observe how you feel being there. Take notes. Write your observations down or talk them into your phone. This is a great place to start with your interior designer. Together, you create a team which will work together in order to bring this Home to life in the most creative of ways.

White is my soul color. It vibrates profoundly within me, which is quite unusual. Growing up, we had a great big house, a very contemporary house with tall ceilings, cathedral and vaulted ceilings. Both the ceilings and the walls were white. It was really quite effective because it showed the architecture very well. Color entered our Home in the artwork and the furnishings. This striking environment and my parents’ creative love for the home they created affected my soul at the time and is still a fundamental part of me.

So as I begin to lay plans for the transformation of my new house into my Home, this is one of my guiding inspirations.

Creating safe spaces in our homes

Safe spaces allow us to let go of our fears, to go beyond them and to live more creatively in all aspects of our lives.

How do you create safety in your living spaces ? It might be by choosing the colors that make you feel like you have that magic cape of safety around you like a warm silk scarf. It might be by the forms in your home, the area rugs, the fabrics or the artwork that surround you daily…It might be cozy spaces, open spaces, maybe the interplay between all these elements…

What makes you feel like your house is truly your Home?

What kinds of spaces make you feel safe and creative?

Please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!