Wow welcome to summer! It’s been a hot one this year. I have lived in Connecticut and Massachusetts a long time and this is the first time I’ve taken a New England vacation. I went to the Berkshires for a week and then the Cape for another week. It was an amazing time because my entire family (which most of whom are in Europe) came as well as my mom who is in her high eighties was able to come too because we stayed locally. 

I remember a really long time ago my sister and I were quite successful at an email campaign we had.  We were interviewed by a company who asked “what do your clients all have in common?” I absolutely love my clients but I always feel like they’re so individual, however one thing I did gleam was that they all really loved their family.  I think a lot of the houses we have done have been family houses.  Whether they had no children, small children, adult children or grandchildren it’s always been some element of family that I can see was a common thread.  This made sense because that’s something that’s incredibly important to me. I really love my family!  We’re all so interesting and different which may make for a little crazy of a dynamic with lots of different personalities.  Not every minute of every day is easy with them but it’s always worth it, fun and I’m incredibly grateful I got to spend so much time with them this year!

This makes an easy segue into the projects we’ve been working on the past year or two.  One in particular that comes to mind is an incredible second home we have been working on in the greater Boston area.  It is at the shore and close to the client’s children. This home is a on a golf course and was used by many different family members before the clients actually got to design it. They purchased just before the Covid shut down. It was used as an office and family home because one of their children’s homes was undergoing a major renovation and that was slowed down during the shut down. After more than a year of owning the space we began to work on the condo and customize it into a home. Since then another child started to redo their home and roof issues caused a work stoppage, so once again this space was used as a refuge. Stay tuned for more photos of the multi-dimensional space that makes the whole extended family feel welcome.

I have been so fortunate to take in the joys of summer and be able to reflect about what is important to me both personally and professionally. I hope the summer season brings you the same peace. 

💕Joanne & All of us at The Interior Edge