Preserving our precious natural resources remains one of the important challenges of our time. In this time of change, we are urgently called to nurture our home, Mother Earth. Interior designers are constantly confronted with the question of how we go about this as we create the products and spaces which make up our physical environment. In my design work, I am continually looking for ways I can create beautiful and comfortable interiors which are also respectful of our environment. Inspiration can often be found in innovative projects such as Tri Lox’s ‘Figured Maple in Stone White’.

A Brooklyn-based, Architizer A+ award winner, Tri Lox is a design firm which strives to foster ‘environmental integrity’. It uses locally sourced maple from salvaged trees in New York City to create solid wood hardgoods with a milky white base infused with smokey gray and brown threads which mimic the grain of marble stone. The effect is a melodious one. As for the finish, Tri Lox uses a proprietary blend which is low-VOC and  requires multiple coats.  Although Tri Lox keeps the recipe for their special non-toxic finish a  secret, Alexander Bender, one of the founding members, explains that there are no paints or lacquers used in the process.   Unlike film finishes, this finish is a type of hard wax oil which will not chip, crack or peel over time. Because the finish is robust, it can withstand high traffic areas, including bar countertops such as the one at Grimm Artisanal Ales in Brooklyn, NY (see photos).

As you enjoy the beauty of this custom work, contemplate ways in which you can transform your interiors into more nature-friendly environments. There are life affirming materials that can be incorporated in all aspects of designing your home or office. Here at the Interior Edge Design firm, we would love to accompany you on the journey!

  Joanne & All of us at The Interior Edge