Most interior designers enjoy the comprehensive elements of planning and executing a home renovation project, and also offer short term interior design services.

Here are some examples of starter services that are offered by experienced interior designers.

1. Designer for a Day

Clients can purchase a one-time, single-day or hourly interior design service. This type of service can include interior decorating for one specific room or remodeling of an entire home. Interior Designers typically charge by the room, by the hour, or by the day for this service.

2. In-Home Consultation/Idea Session

This service typically focuses on a specific area or project, such as redecorating a particular room in the house or organizing an office space. When conducting the initial consultation, you can meet with the interior design in your home or virtually via Zoom, or an in-office meeting at the designer’s office. The initial consultation can either be billed hourly or at a set rate. It’s a great jumping off point with a new designer.

3. Shopping Trip

Enjoy an “escape” from everyday life and day-to-day responsibilities. You can plan a day with your interior designer that consists of shopping, or just taking time to plan and organize things at home. Such outings can take the form of shopping for furniture, accessories or artwork, or the material and fixture items needed for a kitchen or bath remodel. These one-day consultations are offered in one of two ways: 1. You and your designer can travel to exotic locations such as New York City, Miami or Paris. These trips visit designer-to-trade showrooms that are unavailable to the general public, and to your designer’s favorite vendors with whom they have established relationships.

4. Special Event/Holiday Decorating

Designers can help you get your home ready for the holidays! They can decorate your interior spaces, guide you through any rentals, and go on a shopping trip with your budget in mind.

5. Hourly Services

With a general design package, customers can hire an interior designer for a pre-defined hourly rate. This type of service is commonly used for smaller projects.

Some examples of services provided on an hourly basis:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Floorplan and Layout
  • Assistance with Materials and Finishes
  • Lighting plan and fixtures
  • Furniture and Styling
  • Window Treatments

If you are interested in any of these services, book a call with Joanne Riley, ASID.

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