There is a massive worldwide trend at the moment to integrate exterior and interior living spaces. The challenge is to create a flow of combining outdoor living with the interior design aspects of your home. 

Space has become limited and is at a premium, especially in upmarket areas where there is no longer property available for expansion. This means that both gardens and interior living spaces become smaller every year.

So, why not make the best of this trend and invite the outdoors in this Christmas?

Exterior Christmas trends 

Many of us love exterior Christmas decorations, I’m convinced my neighbors compete – the displays seem to get bigger and louder every year!

My first tip for you is to do something new. If you’ve used a color theme before, try to think of a fresh idea. You can even put your tree in a different room each year.

If you’re planning to decorate the exterior of your home, remember our important drives toward sustainability and opt for solar lighting decorations. This way we can still give our exterior spaces a touch of Christmas cheer with a clear conscience. Also, no plastic blow ups, they are an earth conscious nightmare.

Start with the front entrance 

outdoor christmas decor and design are just as important as indoor christmas decor and design.
antique homes with classical decorations such as hanging wreaths

Those that like to keep it simple when it comes to exterior decorating can start at the front door. Outdoor decorations such as a sleigh and a Christmas wreath, with a ‘Welcome’ sign on the porch bring enough festive cheer without overcrowding your entrance. Choose your Christmas color theme and carry it throughout your home.

An antique home is a wonderful backdrop for the classic decorations. Hang matching wreaths in every window and fill the holly with lights.

Take it inside  

The trend for 2022 is to get away from the traditional red and green and to experiment with white and other non-traditional colors.

Coordinate your tableware with your theme.

If a bold theme isn’t your preference, create an elegant look with a combination of fine china, crystal and silver.

Boho style has some great Holiday looks:

boho theme for christmas interior decor and design

Or the opposite, more is more with MacKenzie Childs:

mackenzie childs as a great christmas theme with more is more

Garlands are useful in so many ways

Drape garlands just above the headboards in your bedrooms, instead of simply draping it above the living room mantel this year. 

Unadorned garlands that are usually draped down your staircase can be easily accented with something as simple as an ivory ribbon or tassels, or add lemons and limes for a bright and cheerful look.

Wrap your candles in garlands topped with pinecones.

Classics made new with lights:

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things!

Remember scents

Besides the wonderful pine aroma from your freshly cut Christmas tree, there are other ways to get the Christmas scent throughout your home. Think of using a bowl full of clove pierced oranges, or scent your pine cones by spritzing them with a cinnamon and water mixture.

If you’re not feeling up to baking some gingerbread, simmer a pot of water on the stove and add aromatics like cinnamon sticks, orange peel, cloves and pine.

Talk to the experts 

Whether it is yuletide or any other time, you can always benefit from a little help from the experts in interior design – The Interior Edge. We offer complete interior design expertise and services, from conception to realization, so talk to us about your décor aspirations and dreams for 2023!

Watch this space for more on maximizing small spaces, great ideas on how to create peace and calm in the home – and of course a host of other great interior decorating hints and tips.

In the meantime, Happy holidays to you and your family – may it be a colorful and blessed time for you all!