I was listening to an interview with Dr. Christine Northrup, who is a very popular, immensely educated physician and leader in whole body health.  She is an internationally known speaker, has written at least 6 books and dedicated her life to teaching women how to flourish. (That is very understated, this is her website: http://www.drnorthrup.com/ if you want to read more about her) One of the questions she was asked was, ” what do you REALLY love about your life?”

To my surprise she said,  ” I created a home that when I drive in the house hugs me, the trees hug me, the flowers hug me. I have created heaven on earth for myself on the tidal river in Maine…it was a lifetime of work and I am sooo happy there.” My dream is that everybody feels that way about their home, especially the interior.  The experience of designing my first dream/custom space for myself, that I was in a financial position to make exactly the way I wanted it to be, hooked me. I would come home and immediately feel “ahhhhh”, I am safe, this is so beautiful, I am so proud to live here, etc. That experience shaped not only who I am as an interior designer, but also as a person. I grew mentally, physically and spiritually into exactly what I dreamed of partly by being supported by my environment.  This space was also my first space that was published in an eight page spread for a prestigious magazine, which to me meant be true to yourself in all aspects of your life and it shines through. Since then my dreams have changed and I have created a few other spaces that reflect who I am today.

When Dr Northrup says, “it was a lifetime of work” I do not think she was referring to how slow her designer was, but rather that she changed her space as time went on to fit each change in her life. When events in our lives change (kids leave, promotion comes, new career,etc.)we can make adjustments in the space that we have and/or we get a new space and start anew. I recently received my real estate licence because I been consulting  with my clients on the purchase of the home because I (and they) realize it’s “the trees, the bushes”, the lobby, the elevator  that greet you first, then when you open the door the intimate part of who you are unfolds. May we all live in our own creation of heaven on earth:-)