Thirty years have come and gone and throughout them all, the Interior Edge Design Firm has been creating new spaces and places…interior spaces (homes, rooms, offices, etc.) and exterior extensions of indoor spaces (terraces, verandas, balconies, pool areas—the possibilities are endless). Our clients are sometimes new ones, but often, they are ones who have worked with us time and again over the years, as they change houses, renovate and update rooms, build additions or just want change in their living and work spaces.

What makes our clients keep coming back to us? What draws new clients to us?  What makes the Interior Edge Design Firm unique? What is our brand?

Lately, I have been contemplating these questions in a philosophical way.  As the Interior Edge’s principle designer, the relationship with my clients, the art and science of interior designing and the management of my company have always been my focal points. While this may sound obvious, it is an act which requires both reaching out to others and plunging inward deeply into each project. I bring not only my competence as a designer, I also bring my heart, my soul, my enthusiasm, my warmth and my love. Characterizing and articulating what makes that process one-of-a-kind (which, indeed, it is) requires another gesture, that of pulling back, taking a bit of time and distance to look at the big picture. 

My first observation is that a kind of alchemy takes place. The answers to the questions involved in the design process are felt intuitively by all the actors involved. Putting it all into words can sometimes seem elusive….Hence, the need for a more philosophical approach…

This time of pandemic has brought a halt to the traveling I do so love. Reaching out, exploring, visiting family, discovering new people and places have been core elements in my life, my design process, in the designs themselves.  I have had to put all that aside for the moment. Despite this loss (or because of it!), a new space has opened, giving me the opportunity to consciously seek the answers within myself to these questions of branding and to pick up my pen to tell you about it. 

Up until now, I have gone about trying to define the undefinable in a number of ways. I have worked with coaches ; I have written down all kinds of things. I have spent numerous hours meditating…and whatever else I could imagine would help this concept to flow freely…

I can now tell you with certainty that my work as an interior designer, the Interior Edge Design Firm’s brand, is uniquely unique. It is, in so many ways, the product of who I am.  I am constantly educating myself because I super, super love anything to do with interior design and the materials in the spaces that we live in. The things that we bring to those spaces, how  people change the actual architecture of the house and work space, the dynamics of what goes on between “stuff” ( fixtures, furnishings and equipment) and the aliveness of the people and participants in the space all fascinate me. That fascination is a vital part of the process. And, indeed, this is where the design process begins. 

But how does it continue? What happens when a really great designer and really great clients come together and allow themselves to be authentic ? Each one of us energetically makes space for the other, for the newness which comes in the process of meeting, together transforming spaces and places. This energetic space, like the physical space, must feel right—not too much, not too little—just right. True collaboration begins. And then, things start to ‘flow’.  

This flow of energy is often intuitive. Sometimes words don’t need to be spoken. It is a process of give and take and, little by little, we (the partners in the project) begin to feel a new energy in the space being designed. It is ‘coming alive’, taking on a life of its own. We all feel the magic which lasts throughout the years…

I have been  graced with so many wonderful clients who have opened themselves up to me in their own ways and I to them and together we have created multitudes of amazing interior spaces, each one precious.

How do these places and spaces continue to vibrate with the energy we have created together during the process of interior design? Clients have shared with me how some of their magical moments have manifested themselves…

One client told me about her son who wrote his essay to get into Harvard. It was all about the best place he never travelled to. My clients and their children go on a lot of nice trips, but the place he chose was the banquets at the kitchen table.   He wrote the most beautiful prose, how sitting there with his brothers and sisters and mom and dad changed his life. It was a place which was always safe to go to. That’s a magical moment for an interior designer for sure 🙂

Another client told me his story as we got onto the elevator. We had just finished a project in New York City and he was helping me with my many designer bags. Then he turned to me  and said » we no longer want to live in the city where we  live and we are  going to make this in our main home »….powerful transformation ! That’s a magical moment!

 I hope you  know the wonderful feeling of magical, mysterious moments, in any and all contexts, whether it be with your partner, your pet or your home.

If you need any help creating (and re-creating) living spaces and places, let us know.  We’re always here for you and ready for the magic!