One way we have been getting to flex our design muscles while staying home during these wild times is by going back to our past and playing games! Specifically, one game has engrossed us, The Sims Freeplay compatible on almost all mobile devices and tablets from EA games. If you don’t know the franchise The Sims games focus on simulating life, allowing you to take control over a vast number of characters, play out daily life, drama and challenges, and work towards big goals and aspirations. One huge aspect of the game, a component that has played to the series success, is the game allows players to create custom homes and rooms, with tons of furniture and decor options! 

As you can see from the promotional video it’s not all building and design, the game challenges players to explore the virtual town they’ve been put in charge of, build up community lots like Fire Stations, Parks, and Museums, and create a dynamic neighborhood filled with different characters and homes! Hard work put into helping sims achieve their goals is rewarded with expanded decor and home furnishing options and more resources to build bigger homes with! It’s been a really great way to get our minds to shift gears, giving us a fun platform to play with design and express our unique creative vision for each sim we create.

We’d love to see how you are using games to keep yourself active and engaged with design, send us your favorite “Sims” creation so we can feature it in our next newsletter!

If you aren’t sure where to get the game follow this link where you’ll find more info as well as links to find it on the App Store, Google Play, and even Amazon Apps. So stay safe, stay home, and stay creative!
Check out the Sims Freeplay promotional video to get a feeling for how the game looks and the general idea.