Dear friends,

Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday! There is so much to be grateful for. On a personal level, my good health, my travels and my beautiful family are all ongoing sources of gratitude.  Recently back from Colorado, I am grateful for its beauty, the stunning majesty of the West, and for precious moments spent with much-loved family members. Back home on the East coast, I am grateful to be Home again!

Remember my fixer-upper home I told you about in October’s newsletter? This Thanksgiving it will be host to my East coast loved ones as we gather in my very special place. My house, though a work in progress, is always welcoming to people, whether the gatherings be small or large.

On a professional note, I am especially grateful for my loving clients. Together, we are navigating newness. The covid pandemic has brought changes to all our lives. In the design industry, we are facing longer delays, due firstly to the shutdown and then the slow progress back to a new way. Having grown up in the furniture business, the radical changes in ways of doing things jump out at me: how we got merchandise in the past, how trucking worked, how everything worked has shifted. So we are now being called upon to be patient, to work and to try new things. It’s not easy for my clients, especially my long-standing ones as they, like me, have known other days and other ways. Yet, they are waiting and getting the things they really love. I’m so grateful to them and feel really, really proud that they understand the difference between settling and taking the time to get what truly matches them vibrationally.

I am honored and excited to watch my clients change and grow into the new paradigms of our world. Many of them have been with me and the Interior Edge for the past 20 or 30 years. They have lived a great chunk of their lives in the interior spaces we designed together. These spaces have grown and changed along with their lives. And now they begin once again the design process as together we make major and minor changes to their homes. So we have the privilege of reuniting, working together once more to design and re-design their interiors for our rapidly changing world

I once asked my grandfather what it was like to get old and he answered ‘Consider the alternative.’. Indeed, I feel honored to be here. We must have the best life experience we can. My father was my constant reminder of this throughout his life. Along with the changes, he would say, there is always, always the unchanging quality of life, the part of me that doesn’t change as other parts of me transform, grow and wonder. This unchanging part is eternal. It is universal.

As I’ve aged, I find myself more and more conscious of the beauty of life as it unfolds. I feel more comfortable being on the earth and having people involved with my life. I feel honored to feel more open and loving, to be more aware of the wondrousness of life.

So, thank you all for reading this long missive and for being on this ride with me and with the Interior Edge. I wish you the most wonderful and precious holiday, filled with gratitude in your hearts so that you too can see the beauty in everything.


Love Joanne