I have decided to increase my design firms presence in the Berkshires. (addition to Hartford and Manhattan presence) Not having a great yearning to make my office in any town in particular I decided to try an old building in Adams, Ma. that my family owns. I figure it will give me a familiar place to work while I check out the county over time. The building was an old church (late 1700’s) and in the early 1900’s became a furniture store with apartments above. My office is one apartment, which has been renovated over time, but in need of updates.

I read this morning about the “Wing Luke Asian Museum” in Seattle  and it’s rehab using mostly objects and materials from within the building. IE stairs made from floorboards taken out of other areas, etc. Also, its original use was to lodge Asian Americans that were denied proper accommodations  elsewhere (because of prejudice). This is inspiring me to not only to use materials from the building as I rehab, (it’s a good thing I am very creative as some of the things found are not recognizable or been touched in many years)and  the aura of the  building itself, a church, a haven for entrepreneurs that lived and worked in the same building, inspires a sense of important action. Even though I have been a designer for over 20 years there is such a feeling of starting over for me here and walking with the energy of history.

My first office was in a Royal typewriter  building in Hartford, CT, so time traveling in spaces is comfortable for me. That office was the typing pool for “women” to work in with a lofted pace for the” boss” to oversee them. It had great energy of some of the first women to work outside their homes. I have much to discover about this space and plenty to be inspired about! I do love an old building:-)